Hannah Levin

Hannah Levin

Ayurveda Health Counselor & Yoga Teacher

Hannah Levin is a NAMA certified Ayurveda counselor, a registered yoga teacher, an herbalist, and artist. She offers one-on-one Ayurveda counseling and yoga classes along with a variety of workshops and retreats. In 2018, Hannah launched her signature, year-long program for women called the “Vitality Circle.” This program combines the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and seasonal awareness with modern behavioral science to create lasting evolution, graceful aging, and increased vitality. Hannah grew up in an artistic and health-conscious family in the mountains of North Carolina. She is a potter, dancer, and songwriter. Her pottery is available for purchase from a variety of local shops listed on her website. You can find out more about Hannah at www.heartfeltwellbeing.com.


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  • How do we determine what is our personal constitution and how do we use that information for wellness choices?
  • How do we address imbalances in our bodies through nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal remedies?
  • How do we successfully modify our health and wellness routines year round and throughout our lifespan without confusion and stress?


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  • What were your big tips and takeaways from this interview clip?
  • What has been your wellness journey?
  • How has this interview affected your understanding of your personal constitution?

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For more information about Hannah and her services please see the link below:

Website: https://www.heartfeltwellbeing.com/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/heartfeltwellbeing/

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