Thank You

...a note of gratitude

Thank you, Creator God.
May the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart
be in alignment with you…

Thank you to my parents. Your presence in my life has been a guiding element through all the various experiences of my life. Thank you for your demonstration of love and compassion in your relationships and careers.

Thank you to my extended family for your proof-reading skills and endlessly enthusiastic support. I have always felt unconditionally loved by you. I also appreciate all our hearty laughs together. I feel completely at ease to be truly goofy with you. Thanks for all the fun!

Thank you to my son for being material for my first blog! You are an outstanding guru and an inspiration for many profound lessons. Thank you for being a light of love.

Thank you to my husband. I could not have hoped for a better partner in life. You are my best friend and soul mate. I am so grateful that you love me and have always seen the true me even if I could not see. Thank you for always holding me in your heart.

Thank you to all my teachers. Teaching is a noble profession and worthy of great appreciation. I am grateful for your lessons both academic and non-academic. Thank you for your presence and influence. You have greatly shaped the person I am today.

Thank you Ravi and Daniela. Your influence is apparent. If it weren’t for the work we’ve done together, this business plan of mine simply would not exist. Thank you for your role in creating this reality with me. It is my hope that the tendrils of your teachings reach many others through me.

Thank you to my lawyer for helping me create my LLC and all the important legal documents to keep everyone above board and behaving nicely. 

Thank you to all the photographers who graciously gave their stock photos with no copyright strings attached so that a little start up business like me could inexpensively afford to make a pretty website.

Thank you Joseph Campbell for  encouraging me to “follow your bliss.” May it support my intention to be an “instrument of peace.”

Love, Ellie