Three Steps To Creating a Healthy You Using the Wellness Path

Step 1: Set your goals with a new perspective

Sometimes it isn’t what you’re doing, but how you’re doing it that gets results. I show you how shifting the way you see the problem changes the way you solve the problem. We look at the difference between external and internal goals in order to uncover your innate ability to accomplish your goals successfully. With your new perspective you won’t be hitting your head against the same old wall repeating the same old patterns that have sabotaged your success in the past.

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Step 2: Get Motivated

Some may think they don’t have any willpower or that they need the motivation from a coach to accomplish their goals. Discover the ability to successfully motivate yourself with your own inner power via the “Dorothy Principle.”

In the “Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy is flung into an extraordinary world filled with colorful characters, personal trials, and excellent shoes. After passing muster by the end of the journey, Dorothy believes herself destined for home only to miss her hot air balloon ride back to Kansas. Just when she thinks there is no hope of ever fulfilling her wish of home, Glinda the Good Witch tells Dorothy that she always had the power within to get herself back.

When we have a health challenge, we immediately go looking for the latest diet trend or exercise practice or fitness device to help us. We think that if we just do that, it will all be better. Certainly a well-planned wellness routine will help, but it’s not the end of the story. Ultimately, the journey is about initiating the “Dorothy Principle” and unlocking your own inner power to achieve your goals. Shifting your perspective on your goals and following the Wellness Path will help you connect to that inner power. Keep reading to learn more about how the Wellness Path will guide you to success.

Step 3: Follow the Wellness Path

When you’re on a journey, it’s helpful to have a map! Following my Wellness Path will guide you on how to accomplish your goals.

My Wellness Path is based on strategies used by so many others who have walked the path before us and have shared with the world what works! Navagate your own heroic journey with this three-part approach used to overcome challenges and lead to triumph. 

First Enter The Onset Stage –

What is calling you to begin your journey? Is it:

  • A new diagnosis
  • A worsening of the pain
  • Observing a loved-one experience a serious health crisis
  • An unrealized dream to accomplish a physical challenge

All of these things act as a call to the onset stage of the Wellness Path. It’s an event that prompts you to take action, and it fuels your desire for change. If you are ready to take your first step on the Wellness Path, then identify exactly what it is that has called you to start. Get clear on what is driving you and use that to motivate you onto the next step.

Next Move to the Endeavor Stage –

What do we do in the Endeavor Stage? It is the stage of action. In this stage you will:

  • Learn a variety of wellness strategies for the first time or return to ones you haven’t practiced in a while.
    • Try that yoga class or return to your meditation practice.
  • Begin to master the strategies of this phase and apply them to the challenge you identified during the onset stage.
    • Now you are experiencing how your regular walking routine is assisting your weight management or your deep breathing exercises are helping your anxiety.

In the Endeavor Phase you are making some real forward motion on your Wellness Path! You are trying new things and seeing how they are all helping you positively address your call from the Onset Phase.

Next You’re Ready for the Culmination Stage –

This can be the most rewarding stage of all. It’s when you can see how all the hard work has paid off !

  • You feel like you have mastered your wellness strategies and use them regularly or easily return to them after a minimal break.
  • You regain a sense of power over your health and wellness.
  • You recognize how your accomplishment has minimized the pain, helped you return to work, or reduced that prescription dose.
  • Even if a condition persists, your mastery of your wellness strategies has enabled you to be at peace with yourself and your body.
  • Best of all, you feel like you have learned your lessons well enough that now you can give back to your family and your community so they, too, benefit from your experience. Now you are of service to others!

Are you ready to begin your journey?

No need to come to the table with the courage of a lion or with all the facts straight in your head. All of that can come to you as you walk the path. The only ingredient necessary for that first step is your ambition. Nothing I say or do can produce successful outcomes without your strong desire to take the journey and do the work. If you’re ready to feel better, address your frustration or anxiety, regain your power and feel at peace with yourself and your body,  then click the link below to begin. I can’t wait to see you on the path! 

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